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    JeremyOct 20, 2011 at 4:27 pm

    The faculty conducted a survey about a year back and the results showed that almost half of those polled felt that smoking should either not be banned or that special provisions be made. The Associated Student Body made the recommendation that smoking areas, protected from rain, be built and that the 30 foot smoking policy be more strictly enforced. As for leaving campus to smoke . . . there isn’t exactly anywhere to leave campus for a cigarette, and I’m sure that an already traffic congested parking lot isn’t an appropriate location as it becomes a safety issue. You could of course go to the street but with such a large population of smokers you would see not only an increase in tardiness (a disruption to students and faculty), but also crowds of smokers lining the school (not an image anyone wishes to advance). For me, a former student and someone who conducted polls on smoking at ARC, I see the simplest solution as being to demarcate smoking zones outside of areas with high foot traffic. These zones would be well known by students allowing anyone who wishes to do so to avoid them by traveling another route through campus. With over 27,000 students on campus daily, it seems to me to be the only feasible solution, otherwise LRPD will have to get into the business of finding and citing smokers sneaking in puffs behind buildings between classes. It is also true that to ban smoking would add an element of stress to many students. Smokers know what I mean. It is not only discriminatory, but also an impediment to education. Also, already an issue for LRPD, the eventual destination of many of these smokers will be the “nature walk” or the grassy wooded area behind horticulture . . . fire hazard anyone? Build smoking areas which are protected from the elements and outside of high traffic areas and be done with this issue already ARC! 🙂 There bigger things to concern yourself with than something that has become an ongoing issue and has an easy, relatively cost effective, solution.

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