Opinion: Is journalism dead in America?

William Randolph Hearst once said, “News is something somebody doesn’t want printed; all else is advertising.” Upon a quick survey of local media, I am concerned American journalists have forgotten Hearst’s words since their introduction to journalism classes.

That’s my understanding of journalism: Reporting what’s going on in the world, whether or not it is what someone wants published.

Whether or not the Joneses care about it.

Whether it has immediate or long-term implications, or both.

Whether or not the Democratic or Republican party has a stance on it.

Whether or not it will cause a spike in rating for your news hour.

It can be argued that Hearst’s quote is about investigative journalism, but I think it applies to all journalism.

It seems the days when journalists, like Nellie Bly, infiltrated a mental house to expose the abuses that were going on there, are nearly gone.

Instead, airwaves are flooded with countess reports on celebrities being arrested.

Though I understand America loves celebrities, we should leave those stories to Hollywood Insider.

Journalists should not interrupt the segment already in progress, like MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell did during an interview regarding NSA monitoring with former Congresswoman Jane Harman (D-CA), to report that Justin Bieber had just been arrested.

Ukraine is not the only country that’s currently protesting something or someone. As Russia Today reported and keeps reporting, there were are are protests in Thailand, Venezuela, Egypt and Turkey.

A host of countries in Europe are protesting austerity measures taken by their governments, including Italy, the third largest European Union economy.

Meanwhile, American media is discussing ducks, dynasties and celebrities.

If this is not the dying screams of journalism, I’d not want to be there to hear the yelps and bellows as it’s taking its last breath.

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