The manners on the bus are bad

Shelby Young and Shelby Young

Most things in life require the use of manners and etiquette and yes, this includes riding the bus.
People that use the public transportation system do some of the most annoying and rude things. Here are a few of the worst offenders.

The Corner Creeper: The one who sits at the very back of the bus in the corner. He takes out his phone and pulls up his music player. He then plays his music at full volume without using headphones. More than likely, Corner Creeper is also the guy who just smoked a bunch of pot. When he steps on the smell fills the entire bus.

Suggestion: Buy a pair of headphones, dude, and use them!

The Baby Lady: The woman with about 10 children with her. She drags them on and lets them run around and misbehave as they please.

Suggestion: Keep your kids at home or with the baby sitter.

Loud Mouth: The woman who answers her cell phone and talks as loud as she can. She usually sits in the front or the middle. She tells the person on the phone that she’s going somewhere important or that she has things to do.


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Suggestion: Make calls before getting on the bus or talk quieter. No one is impressed.

Possible Homeless Man: Is he a homeless man? Or is he just dirty? He hops onto the bus and fumbles around in his pocket for a couple minutes searching for his pretend money or pass. After some time he has already reached his stop, or he begs the driver to let him continue, and he then takes a seat.

Suggestion: Have your pass or money ready when stepping on to diminish my preconceptions about you.

Seat Hog: The one that refuses to give their seats to elderly and disabled people, and/or the one guy who takes up enough seats to accommodate Baby Lady and her brood. He may put his bag down in attempts to acquire more space, or he may just look at the driver in confusion when asked to move.

Suggestion: If you don’t like people then maybe going out in public isn’t for you.