ARC women’s restrooms disgusts students


A shot of a toilet in the Student Services EOP&S restroom shows the trash on the floor. The women’s bathrooms are just as dirty as the men’s restrooms. (Photo by Shanel Royal)

Shelby Young and Shelby Young

Women’s restrooms all across American River College’s campus have been said to be disgusting, unclean and generally not up to the typical standards of most women.  Many people probably wonder why these restrooms are so unpleasant and dirty. I have come to a conclusion: women are just as dirty and disgusting as men.

Women are just plain nasty. They don’t care about what a restroom should look or smell like. Personally I have seen used tampons, paper towels and toilet paper on the floor, even puddles of water or other mysterious mixtures. This is quite disgusting if you ask me.

I am willing to give women the benefit of the doubt; maybe they are just in a hurry. I have been told and have even seen for myself that toilets are not being flushed and the seats are left dirty. But there is no excuse for this; they can take two seconds out of their day to wipe the toilet down. Even the walls and floors are dirty.  That’s just wrong.

Nobody wants to admit to being dirty; they blame the cleaning staff for not doing their jobs as well as they should. I truly do not think that this answer is true, because every time I turn around I see a staff member walking into a restroom to clean it, and I know that it is clean by the time I enter it. The maintenance staff is also quite friendly, so if you were to walk up and say that the restroom needed maintenance then it would be taken care of immediately. So in conclusion to this option, it doesn’t truly exist.

So I stand by my opinion that women are just as dirty as men. Coming from a woman’s prospective, I am a clean person and I like to keep my restroom, among other places, clean. So I propose some questions to all women out there: Do you keep your house this dirty? Do you keep your body this dirty? Your clothes?  Food? If you answered no to any of these, then don’t you think it’s time to keep your restrooms on campus just as clean?

Since men get to be dirty, and some women can’t get their own man to be as clean as them, then why should they be clean? “Why bother?” seems to be the attitude. Sometimes I feel the same way, but I have enough respect for others to keep my part clean. So basically it comes down to having respect for others and being courteous. If you cannot have respect for yourself then you can’t have respect for anyone else. So please try and do your part for the sake of others and remember: if you don’t do your part then no else will. Be the one to set an example and the rest will follow.