Beaver Bookstore looking to hire 50 students for ‘Spring Rush’


Emily Rabasto

The American River College campus bookstore is currently looking to hire 50 students to fill positions created to help with the start-of-the-semester rush this coming spring 2015. (Photo by Emily K. Rabasto)

Emily Rabasto and Emily K. Rabasto

Applications are still being accepted by the Beaver Bookstore at American River College for 50 part-time positions reserved for enrolled students for what the bookstore calls, “Spring Rush 2015.”

Applications are available online at the bookstore’s website or at the textbook information window inside the store.

Applicants must be enrolled in a minimum of six units for the next semester by Dec. 12 to be considered for the position. However, international students are required to be enrolled in 12 units to be considered.

The hourly rate of pay for the student help position is nine dollars.

Bookstore manager Kove Vang has been working at the store for six years, and says she receives more than 100 applications every semester from students hoping to work for her.

“Every semester we continue to improve (our service). I expect cashiers and floor workers to know accurate information regarding bookstore policies and textbooks, process transactions quickly as well as have good customer service,” Vang said.

“Workers go through two weeks of training here so they’re prepared to face questions people might have.”

Art new media major Daniel Todd, 20, said he picked up an application this week.

Todd thinks the bookstore should be hiring “hard workers, people who obviously wouldn’t steal, and just good, honest people.”

Todd already has a part-time job at Sunsplash in Roseville, but said he wouldn’t mind having a second job to help earn a little more.

Samantha Myers, a chemical engineering major, recently switched campuses from Folsom Lake College to ARC and says her experience with the campus bookstore was a positive one.

Myers said working at the bookstore would probably help students busy with school find a way to pay for their education.

“I would think a lot (of students would apply), because many people have trouble paying for school and finding a job. So having a job here on campus would be really convenient.”

Interviews for the positions started in November, but the bookstore is still looking for students to fill job openings.