New Book Press Puts ARC First Among Community Colleges

Writing is a universal creative medium that anyone who can read the language can understand. Writers love to see their work in print, and at American River College, that is now a possibility.

Ad Lumen is a small press housed at ARC, and it is the first of its kind, being the only book printing press in a community college. Ad Lumen recently released its first anthology, “Burning the Little Candle,” as well as a novel with two more incoming.

On April 12, the annual Word Soup literary reading at Raef Hall featured several excerpts from the anthology. The stories were read by their authors, such as English Professor Michael Spurgeon, who released his novel, “Let the Water Hold Me Down,” through Ad Lumen.

The stories were well received by the audience, comprised mostly of professors, English majors, and creative writers.

English Professor Christian Kiefer, who participated in Word Soup, is also the Editor-in-Chief and founder of Ad Lumen.

“Universities are often well known for having established book presses, so it was a matter of coming to the conclusion: why can’t ARC do it as well?” says Kiefer.

Combined with a quarter century of publishing history, a very deep creative writing department, and a plethora of creative writing students, it was easy to secure funding for this project.

“We already have a student intern and we will probably increase student involvement in the press,” states Kiefer.

Kiefer saw the potential, and with what began as a passion project, wanted to create something that will be long lasting.

“I just want to spread [the publishing process] to my peers with something that is lasting, something that, 20 years from now, when I retire, somebody else will take over something that is working and moving, and it’s great.”

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Michael Pacheco is a fourth-year student at American River College. This is his third semester writer for The Current. Pacheco is a Journalism major, with plans to transfer to Sacramento State University in the fall. A music coach, he plans on getting into education.

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