DJ Remme brings excellent music, flash and flair

Meet DJ Remme, the main DJ for Melanated Mondays and other LRCCD events


DJ Remme a DJ who works a lot of Los Rios Community College District events shown here working American River College’s New Student Orientation on Aug.11 2018 (Photo courtesy of DJ Remme)

Music is a form of art that gets people to attend events, and for music to be played, there has to be a conductor, and in today’s world, those people are sometimes known as DJs.

DJs bring energy, flair and mixing skills to parties and events. In the Los Rios Community College District, one known DJ who plays a lot of district-wide events is DJ Remme.

 DJ Remme is known for DJ-ing in district-wide events and Melanated Music Mondays, a Zoom meeting where people can listen to hip-hop, rap, or jazz music while doing school work. 

DJ Remme says that music was all around her growing up and that the sound of music intrigued her. 

“I remember playing with that Fisher-Price “See ‘n Say” Farm animal toy,” Remme said in an email to the  Current.“When it landed on a farm animal, I used to scratch what it was. Cow-cow-cocoa-cow! It was on from there I knew I wanted to DJ.” 

Remme recalls being intrigued with the changing of sounds early on in her life. 

“I was fascinated by how I can change the sound of something and make it sound cool,” Remme said. “I grew up in the ‘90s, so I fell in love with hip-hop, specifically with the song “If I Ruled the World” by Nas was the first rap song I fell in love with.”

Remme says that a song that she loves and often uses is “California Vibes” by Teedra Moses.

“From the vocals that Teedra brings to the energy of the complete baseline is great, not to mention everybody enjoys it no matter what age or color,” Remme said. “It’s a vibe, with a BPM [beats per minute] of 98, you can mix that with almost any song out there today.” 

DJ-ing is not easy and it takes time to craft becoming a DJ, she added.

 “However, once you figure out what your crowd wants to hear and you get that vibe going for everybody, it’s like being a rockstar, I have a lot of fun,” Remme said. “Lots of studying music and of course practice of your craft make a good DJ”. 

Remme says gaining confidence and experience began at Marsupial records under DJ Supe who she considers her mentor.

“DJ Supe had a record store next to the IMAX theater, and after school, I would stop by to purchase vinyl,” Remme said. “One day he had a flyer up for DJ classes, and I took the course… We met once a week for about two hours for six weeks and I learned the history of DJ-ing and techniques for mixing and scratching.”

Lisa Hayden, the support specialist of the African American Student Healing and Empowerment Center at Sacramento City College, has had DJ Remme work the college’s Melanated Music Zoom program and says Remme plays great music. 

“Because music is such a universal language for many of us, we wanted programming around music. So we reached out and partnered with DJ Remme, Hayden said. She’s done many events with us in the past and she’s so dope!”

Check out DJ Remme on the turntables during Melanated Music Mondays and in-person events. 

Follow DJ Remme on social media on Instagram at @Djremme and on Facebook at Remme Carter.