10 love songs to fill your heart this February

If you love music, you’ll love this list of emotional love songs


“Heather” a song written by Conan Gray is a true story based on his own personal experience of loving someone who loves someone else and how his feelings of envy come into play while stemming off his feelings of love. (Screenshot of “Heather” music video)

February is known for being a month all about love, from self-love, loving family and friends, having a romantic partner, and more. Here is a list of 10 emotional love songs that carry the many meanings of love and can help you get in your “feels” this February. 


  1. “Die For You” by The Weeknd | 2016

Famous Canadian singer, Abel Tesfaye, professionally known as The Weeknd, released an album in 2016 called “Starboy”, in this album “Die For You” which is a contemporary R&B song that explains the feelings of the unconditional love one person can have for another. In this song, The Weeknd expresses that love is a choice, even through the rough patches in a relationship and the times he isn’t with his lover, the feeling is still so strong to the point he would be willing to sacrifice his life for all for the one he loves. 


   2. Heather” by Conan Gray | 2020

Conan Gray, American singer-songwriter and social media personality wrote “Heather” which shows that love doesn’t always have pure intentions and that sometimes feelings of jealousy come into play. Gray depicts this perfectly through his own personal experience about someone he was really in love with in high school, who didn’t love him back but instead, loved Heather. Through his lyrics, he envies Heather for being everything he wasn’t. When the person he loves doesn’t love him back and instead loves someone else, it’s only natural to want to be a Heather—that is when he is still madly in love with that person. 


  3. “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars | 2011

Bruno Mars, a hit singer known for his wide range in music from pop, R&B, funk, soul, reggae, hip hop, and rock, released a song in 2011 called “It Will Rain” in the lyrics of this song Mars associates rain with being gloomy and sad. Mars expresses he is afraid to lose the one he loves because if he does, it will always be rainy for him. No sunlight, which is associated with happiness and joy, and the one he loves is portrayed to be his sunlight.


  4. “Yellow” by Coldplay | 2000

Coldplay, a British rock band formed in London in 1996, released a song called “Yellow” in 2000, “Yellow” describes love through personification. In this song, Coldplay sings this song in admiration of someone who is their “yellow.” The word yellow throughout the song is associated with happiness and shine, relating to that special someone in their life, who shines as bright as the color yellow.


  5. “Home” by Edith Whiskers | 2020

“Home is where the heart is,” nothing describes this saying better than Edith Whisker’s song called “Home”. The lyrics are quite simple and straight to the point “Oh, home, let me come home, Home is wherever I’m with you”. In love, Whiskers sings that the word home carries more of a meaning than just a place they live in, home can be a person who gives them safety, warmth, and comfort no matter where they are in the world, they always go back to them because they are their true “home” and where they feel most at peace.


   6. “When We Were Young” by Adele | 2015

Adele’s song “When We Were Young” describes her feelings that love can be scary, especially as she gets older and realizes one day love constantly changes. She looks back on the young spirited love she shared with her significant other and feels nostalgic. Although love may be scary and change, love can also be timeless, eternal, having no beginning or end because the love will always remain there. Adele’s lyrics in this song hit right through the heart because by listening to it, she sings about how she got so preoccupied with life as she got older and didn’t realize she lost part of her youth along with that. 


   7. “I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend” by Girl in Red | 2018

Norwegian indie-pop singer-songwriter Marie Ulven Ringheim, professionally known as Girl in Red released her debut song “I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend” in 2018, she sings about wanting to become more than just friends with someone. In these lyrics, she expresses her desire to continue something more intimate with her crush because she loves that person for all they are and can’t help feeling like they should be lovers. 


   8. “Love Yourz” by J.Cole | 2014

J.Cole, an American rapper, released his album 2014 Forest Hills Drive which had debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200. In this album, his song “Love Yourz” expresses the love of loving his life. Comparing is the thief of joy, J.Cole expresses this perfectly in this song as his lyrics describe learning that he won’t ever be happy with his life until he learns to accept and love what he does have, despite comparing his own life to others who seem to have it all. 


   9. “Moral Of The Story” by Ashe | 2019

American singer-songwriter, Ashlyn Rae Wilson, professionally known as Ashe, is best known for her 2019 single “Moral of the Story,” which is not the average love song, instead, the main theme of this song is that it is okay to love, lose and learn. The lyrics Ashe embodies are about accepting the fact that sometimes the love she had blinded her and that it isn’t always what she wanted in life. Rather than having to regret or mourn the loss of the feelings of love she had, she sends the message that it is better to live and learn. To find her own true self-worth and to accept herself through all the things she’s been through. This song is perfect for those who are working towards the goal of loving themselves and learning to move on from their past.


   10. “Out of My League” by Fitz and the Tantrums | 2013

Fitz and the Tantrums, an American indie pop and neo-soul band depicts this too good to be true type of love through their song called “Out of My League.” It describes the feeling that they are so in love with someone that they believe that person is too good to be true. This song reached first place on Billboard’s U.S. Alternative Airplay, U.S. Rock Airplay, and U.S. Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles.