Kaneko hosts art reception for Unity Lewis


Artist Unity Lewis explains to a crowd of onlookers the meaning behind some of his murals in the Kaneko Art Gakllery at American River College on Oct. 11 (Photo by Luis Gael Jimenez)

Luis Gael

The Kaneko Art Gallery hosted a reception honoring the work of artist Unity Lewis on Tuesday.

Lewis has been covering the walls of the Kaneko with murals and turning the gallery into a home away from home.

Lewis also featured the work of other notable artists such as Parliament-Funkadelic frontman George Clinton and African-American artist Samella Lewis (Lewis’ grandmother).

Lewis’ work was an especially big hit among members of the ARC art community

American River College faculty member Dolores White called Lewis’ exhibit, “the best thing that ever come through the Kaneko.”

White also praised his ability to bring in students who “would not usually come into an art gallery.”

Art club president Blanca Bastida praised Lewis for being unafraid to break from tradition and “try new things.”

Bastida also said, “I couldn’t be happier with the way things turned out. The reception is going great.”

Art and art new media major Miguel Miranda said, “It’s insane how he projects himself into his artwork. He’s always himself, and his art shows that.”

Throughout the event, Lewis met with guests of the gallery and answered whatever questions they had. He also signed autographs for people who bought copies of his CD, “7th Dynasty”.

Artist Unity Lewis autographs copies of his CD "7th Dynasty" in the Kaneko Gallery on Oct. 11 at American River College (Photo by Luis Gael Jimenez)
Artist Unity Lewis autographs copies of his CD “7th Dynasty” in the Kaneko Gallery on Oct. 11 at American River College (Photo by Luis Gael Jimenez)

Lewis finished the night by picking up a microphone and turning the Kaneko into an impromptu concert venue by rapping two original songs.

After Lewis put down the microphone, White said that whether he [Lewis] knew it or not, “He’s part of our family now. He will always be welcome back at American River College.”

When the reception came to an end, Lewis hosted an after party at the Oak Park Brewing Company where members of the art club did live art and ARC student John Klaiber organized an open mic show.