Do or doissant, that is the question

The cinnamon-sugar doisaant from Sweet Dozen Bakery is a fried croissant-donut hybrid. A doissant can be peeled apart layer by layer and eaten. Photo by Emily K. Rabasto

Local bakery fuses pastries to make a culinary delight.

There are doughnut shops that only specialize in making doughnuts. The walls are plain, the menus are dull, and the customer service is average. It is all about presentation and if the package isn’t perceived properly some people may not want to receive it.

The Sweet Dozen is a Bakery on Madison Avenue that will leave you speechless, mainly because your mouth will be filled delicious treats.

Inside the bakery the walls are a bright yellow, in the left hand corner a flat screen TV sits high and the tables are ready for customers to come sit and enjoy all the sweets they can eat.

If you haven’t heard of the doughnut marrying the croissant, I don’t know where you have been. Dominique Ansel’s SoHo Bakery in New York City coined the “Cronut,” while The Sweet Dozen put their own twist it  calling this delicious treat a doissant.

The pastry got plenty of recognition from the Sacramento Bee and Good Day Sacramento along with various radio stations for their version of the doughnut and croissant combination better known as the doissant.

The doissant is appealing with the shape of a regular doughnut and the layers of a croissant. I ordered mine glazed with no filling.

Taking the first bite I could instantly taste the sweetness of the doughnut, but the layers of the fluffy croissant were present when I bit down. The glaze trickled down and melted in my mouth.

Taking another bite the doissant tasted even better than the first. I can feel the crunchiness; my favorite part of a croissant. This made my mouth water from the beginning to the very end.

I only eat glazed doughnuts, but I’m sure if the raspberry or strawberry filled doissants taste anything like the glazed, I will be trying new things sooner than I think.

Overall the ambiance of the bakery and the friendly family that owns it is an added bonus to the delectable doissant. Hours of operation are Monday-Friday 5a.m.- 3p.m. and Saturday-Sunday 5a.m.- 1p.m.

At three dollars a Doissant I recommend to anyone to step out of their box and try this tasty new treat. Don’t be the last of your friends to try the latest pastry craze.


5707 Madison Ave

Sacramento, CA 95841

Price Range: $$

4 out of 5 stars


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