In Our Heads- Jonathan H. Ellyson

Book: “Ender’s Game” – Orson Scott Card- My favorite book as a kid tells the story of Andrew Wiggin during his time in Battle School. Military programs start training ultra-young candidates after two alien attacks on humanity.

Movie: “The Prestige”- This is definitely my favorite movie of all time; the tension between Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale as rival magicians is fantastic. Its plot is full of secrets and betrayal, adding to the mystique of stage magic, and makes it a near perfect film.

Music: Volbeat- It’s hard to describe Volbeat. Their music is like rock ‘n’ roll fused with country western. Volbeat’s sound is a unique combination and I absolutely love it. I definitely recommend checking them out.

TV: “Attack on Titan”- This is easily the most popular anime in Japan and America right now. The story is incredibly tragic, showing an apocalyptic world where humans are forced to live behind 50-meter walls to protect themselves from giants. Humans fight the giants using gas-powered grappling hooks and twin swords.

Video Game: “Minecraft”- The game is survival. You are dropped into a world where you are the only person around, and the building blocks of this world are all you can use to survive. You’ll need to punch down some trees to make wooden tools, and then you can start mining. This game is one part exploration, one part survival, and one part creation.

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