In our heads – Steven Condemarin


The album cover to one of The Current's top five songs we can't get out of our heads.

“Too Close” – Alex Clare
Alex Clare’s 2011 album “Lateness of the Hour” is packed with a wide variety of experimental sounds; this song sticks out the most. Maybe it’s the mix of his soulful vocals and the new-age dub-step “wubs,” or maybe it’s the simplicity of the song. Either way, this song is addictive, fun, and will make you want to sing at the top of your lungs.

“Daylight” – Run Kid Run
The Christian pop-punk band from Illinois switches up their tone for a nice, smooth sound that can be enjoyed by a range of listeners in their 2011 album “Patterns.” This song in particular meshes their new smoother sound with their original, edgier punk sound and brings easy-to-follow lyrics that everyone can enjoy. This song is a cross between Relient K and Sherwood.

“Somebody That I Used To Know” – Gotye (ft. Kimbra)
The catchy pop sensation has swept Sacramento’s airwaves and has made its way to my library and even managed to make it into most of my playlists. This head-bobbing masterpiece, from his 2011 album “Making Mirrors,” has a mixture of great storytelling, phenomenal vocals, haunting lyrics that will stay with you all day, and a fun, new rhythm.

“Some Nights” – Fun.
This song brings you a slightly thinner Queen-ish feel, from the vocals to the instruments to the chorus, singing along with lead singer Nate Ruess. With an addicting chorus and shower-shouting verses, Fun. has yet another hit on their hands to accompany “We Are Young” from their latest album “Some Nights.”

“Any Other Heart” – Go Radio
From Mayday Parade to Go Radio, lead vocalist Jordan Lancaster continues to astonish fans and listeners alike with his amazing ability to write great songs. The group’s musical ability is definitely showcased in this song from their 2011 album “Lucky Street.”  Lancaster’s unique voice brings you into the song, but the band as a whole makes you want to turn on repeat. Go Radio is said to be an even mix of Mayday Parade and The Dangerous Summer.

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