Felipe’s fills the belly, won’t empty the wallet

Steven Paxio and Steven Paxaio

If you’re looking for great Mexican cuisine, quick and friendly service, and a rich cultural atmosphere, then Felipe’s Mexican Restaurant in Citrus Heights is a definite must-have eatery.

From the moment I walked into the restaurant I knew I was in for a treat.  With cultural music playing overhead and the smell of Mexican food in the air, I happily made my way to my seat by way of a hostess.

Being family owned and operated, it is a sure thing that this is a great place for family dinner outings.  With room for large parties as well as two-tops, there is a variety of seating accommodations throughout the dining room.

As I waited for my food after ordering, I enjoyed the taste of complimentary chips and salsa, all while taking in the amazing artwork painted on the walls of the restaurant.  To the right of my table, covering the wall, was a painted mural of a courtyard, with a wishing well in the center.  Painted on the wall of the entrance to the restaurant is a designed logo of their establishments’ name, which opened in 1983.

Being mostly known for their famous chimichanga recipe, they didn’t disappoint.  It was loaded with cheese and meat, and was unlike any other I have had prior to now. The flautas and traditional bean-and-cheese burritos were also delicious; making me think to myself I’ll never go the Chevy’s again. The chili verde sauce that covered the flautas was a magnificent addition to the almost melting shredded meat and cheese inside them. This was by far a delicious place to eat, and I can’t wait to go back sometime in the near future.

Felipe’s had some of the best Mexican food I have eaten in quite some time, and it’s hard fought to think that there are only two of these restaurants in the world.  The only other location where one can enjoy such a rich blend of culture and amazing food would be the Felipe’s located in Folsom, which opened in 2007.
Service for the night was also superb, and the wait for the food wasn’t very long either, lasting roughly five to 10 minutes in length.

Felipe’s is a great choice for a dinner out, and at a more-than-reasonable price with speedy service it stands above the rest.  I would definitely recommend this place to anyone upon asking where to find an authentic and economical Mexican restaurant.

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