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Rapper Alex Salveson performs at the Starlite Lounge on the night of March 11 as part of the Starlite Showcase in Sacramento, California. (Photo by Luis Gael Jimenez)

‘Sacramento’s least expected but most extremely dope rapper’

Luis Gael March 24, 2017

When the editor of one of Sacramento’s biggest hip hop publications calls you “Sacramento’s least expected yet most extremely dope rapper,” a high bar has been set. That’s what Robbie Metcalf...

Justin Carter (left), Bryce Mondul (center), and Georgio Klironomos feed some of the goats on Klironomos ranch in Placervile, California on Oct. 27, 2016. (Photo by Luis Gael Jimenez)

Worthy Goat is worth the listen

Luis Gael March 8, 2017

There is lo-fi and then there is Folsom-fi; a sound so unique, there is only one band in the world that can carry the label: Worthy Goat. With Bryce Mondul on vocals and guitar, Justin Carter on lead...

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