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ARC professors become students once more

Professor Heidi Bennett adresses the New Faculty Academy about the next reading assignment,

Brienna Edwards

September 19, 2017

For someone who dreams of being a professor, the road to teaching may seem simple; he or she must go to all their classes, graduate with a master’s degree or better in their field, apply to every opening available and then finally make it through the hiring process. But then what? For many new hires it can...

Program at ARC brings new faculty into a “wolf pack”

Heidi Fuller is talking to the new staff at the NFA meeting. Fuller is the new coordinator for the NFA program in September 2015. (Photo by Emily Thompson)

Ashley Nanfria

September 4, 2015

American River College has welcomed 29 new faculty members, the largest amount in years. The New Faculty Academy (NFA) program plans to meet every Friday morning to provide faculty with relevant and meaningful group activities to prepare members for the years ahead. This year-long program incorporates teachin...

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