Campus pulse: What’s your favorite thing to eat at the Oak Cafe and why?

Neil Treganza, hospitality management and culinary arts major, enjoys savory items, like pizza puffs and stromboli.

Neil Treganza, Hospitality Management

“I really like the savory items, the pizza puff, the stromboli.”

Tiajhanae Perry enjoys the bacon cheddar biscuit, it was the first thing she tasted.

Tiajhanae Perry , Culinary Arts

“The bacon cheddar biscuit, it was the first thing I tasted.”

Ana Radu, an international relations major, enjoys the sandwhiches because they're big, delicious, and better than subway.

Ana Radu , International Relations

“The sandwiches, because they’re big, they’re delicious, and they’re better than Subway”

Victoria Yefremenkova, a biology/ecology major, enjoys the pumpkin pudding bread and the bran muffin.

Victoria Yefremenkova, Biology/Ecology

“The pumpkin pudding bread, or a bran muffin, they run out before 10 so you’re lucky if you get one.”