Campus pulse: Which class are you most excited for this semester and why?


Suwelly Soh, Culinary Arts

Baking HM320: “Because I can tell the professor really cares. We just started, but you can tell.“


Kyle Tyson, Environmental Sciences

World Music: “Culture is a big part of it, and [as a musician myself] I like seeing how the world relates to it.”


Odalys Nava, Undeclared 

English 300: “I really like my teacher, she’s very interesting and brings in other topics.”


Robert Molina, Welding

Intro to Welding: “I figured out I’m pretty good at it.”


JD Passi, Undeclared 

Nutrition: “I like to learn how what you put in your body affects it.”


Karissa Elliot, English

Early British Literature: “I’m looking forward to all the books we’re reading – I really love Beowulf, and we’re starting on Camelot.”


Jacob Daniluc, Nursing

Anatomy and Physiology: “The best study tool is my body.”


Eliseo Vazquez, Biology

Calculus 356: “Things in real life are turned into equations.”


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