Los Rios Police Department investigating alleged sexual battery


Joseph Daniels and Joseph Daniels

The Los Rios Police Department is investigating an alleged sexual battery that occurred in the gymnasium on the American River College campus Thursday.

“There was a report someone felt they were touched inappropriately,” said Sergeant Mike Olson of Los Rios Police Department.

Los Rios police referred the case to the District Attorney, declining to make an arrest at this time.

Olson said there was no indication there was an instructor present when the alleged sexual battery occurred.

Olson didn’t say why an arrest hasn’t been made.

“A lot of times arrests won’t be made because there are certain statutes that control us on when arrests can be made, and under what conditions … If things are a little bit unclear whether as to a person actually committed a crime, we may send that on to the D.A. for consideration on to make a determination.”

“We think we got a guy, but we are not sure,” he added.

John Ferrannini contributed to this report.