Tina Macuha’s energy makes every day a good day


While live on “Good Day Sacramento,” Tina Macuha and cameraman Dave Grashoff drove to Los Angeles, where they went behind the scenes on “The Price is Right” and “Let’s Make a Deal.” (Photo courtesy of Dave Grashoff)

Heather Amberson, Arts/ Culture and Sports Co-Editor

“My boss came to me and said, ‘do you want to be on the show,’ and now we just celebrated being on air for 25 years,” “Good Day Sacramento” anchor, Tina Macuha said.

That was a quarter century ago. But before her career in media started, however, she attended both American River College and Sacramento State. During her time at Sac State, Macuha’s mother died from breast cancer, which Macuha also ended up facing herself. 

“I attended ARC a long time ago, in the ‘70s. I didn’t have a major there because I transferred to Sac State,” Macuha said. 

While attending Sac State, Macuha’s mother died from breast cancer, so she decided to take a semester off. 

“After my mom died, it was just me and my younger brother. I was 22 and he was 15. Relatives lived elsewhere, but my mom prepared me to take care of my brother and the house,” Macuha said. “I took a semester off from Sac State to adjust to life without mom.” 

During an episode of “Good Day” in April 2009, Macuha shared that she had breast cancer. Sharing the news that she had cancer showed that she was human, according to Macuha. 

“I’m a breast cancer survivor. Sharing my story on air showed that I was human,” Macuha said. “I’ve gotten letters from viewers. People think you’re just on tv, but that showed that I was human.”  

Before starting at “Good Day,” Macuha worked at multiple radio stations.

“Most people would know me from FM 102 or KSFM 102.5,” Macuha said. 

On “Good Day,” Macuha works as an anchor on the weekends and drives around in the “Rover,” which is a car used by “Good Day,” on weekdays. 

“[On the weekends], I’m in the studio with cameras and anchor the news and other segments,” Macuha said. “I haven’t been in the Rover in a long time because of [the pandemic].”

When she is in the Rover, she is usually joined by Dave Grashoff, a “Good Day” cameraman, who is also the other half of their nicknamed “Marge and Hal” duo.  

“We ride around and do traffic. [When we are out in the Rover], whenever we see a couch on the side of the road, we get out and sit on it and take a picture,” Grashoff said. 

According to Grashoff, he and Macuha always bicker with each other, which led to their nicknames. 

Macuha’s typical work day goes far beyond just what is seen on television. 

“I get up at 3 a.m. and I stay late a lot to work on segments and prepare for the next day,” Macuha said. 

According to Terry Haggart, a cameraman for Good Day Sacramento, Macuha is always a pleasure to work with, and people love her energy. 

“Producing and shooting stories with Tina is a pure pleasure. I can always count on her kindness, sympathy and sarcastic humor no matter what story we are covering,” Haggart said. 

Macuha is also the same off camera, as she is on, according to Haggart.  

“People are just attracted to her positive energy and smile whenever we are out working on our ‘Good Day Sacramento’ story,” Haggart said. 

That positive energy also shows in how she treats the viewers of Good Day Sacramento, according to Grashoff. 

“She cares about our show and the people. She writes back to every viewer and takes the time, even with her busy schedule, to reach out,” Grashoff said. “She genuinely responds to people, not out of necessity, but because she cares.” 

According to Grashoff, Macuha is just a good person all around.

“She’s a very genuine person and extremely down to earth. She’s extremely dedicated to what she does,” Grashoff said. “Overall, she’s just genuinely a good person to the core.” 

Check out Macuha on “Good Day Sacramento”, which airs on CW31 from 4:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. on weekdays, and from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. on the weekends.