ARC Bathroom Guide: Where to go when you need to go


A nicely lit restroom awaits students in the Fine and Applied Arts building at American River College on Sept. 11, 2018. (Photo by Ashley Hayes-Stone)

Ashley Hayes-Stone

It’s not easy being a student and it’s definitely not easy being a student who doesn’t know where the bathrooms are, let alone the good ones. So the staff of the Current decided to help its fellow peers and write a guide to the best and worst men and women’s oval offices on campus. All the restrooms have been judged based on cleanliness, low foot traffic and aesthetic qualities.


The Best Bathrooms


  1. Fine and Applied Arts Building


This porcelain box seat will have you remain seated for your entire performance from the wood tile floor reminiscent of a stage, to the spacious dressing room-sized stalls. Students can find this restroom when they walk in the main entrance of the Fine and Applied Arts building. This restroom features lighting that makes you feel like a star heading out to the stage or to the next class. This restroom deserves a standing ovation.


  1. The Learning Resource Center


Nothing is worse than that morning coffee hitting you in the middle of class during that “going to be on the test” lecture. So you just have to hold it while planning your escape route to beat the sea of students rushing out the door at the end of class. After your escape, the best potty dance wait-free-guarantee is in the Learning Resource Center. These restrooms have eight clean stalls, favorable lighting, black marble countertops and matte grey floors. Once relieved, you can take advantage of the computers and tutoring resources nearby.


  1. Student Center


The Student Center is like a one stop shop where there are resources, food, coffee, and speedy,convenient toilets. The amenities of this restroom include eight clean stalls, nicely lit mirrors and unlike the line at Starbucks little to no wait time so you can get back to studying or eating.  


  1. Science and Fine Arts


This contemporary restroom displays a gallery of four stalls, sleek grey floor and turquoise backsplash wall tile. With bright lights, this restroom makes you feel like you are walking into a studio gallery. Whether you are an artist or not, anyone can appreciate the modern aesthetic vibe.


Overall Worst


Davies Hall


Long lines, clogged toilets, a lingering terrible stench, Davies Hall has earned its spot for the worst restrooms at ARC. Most of us have had or have classes in this building and have had to encounter the terror that lies within the stalls. Beware of Davies Hall.


Raef Hall


Located near the two largest classrooms at American River College, these old shoe box size restrooms have few stalls, all of which overflows with students throughout the day. The floors are plastered with paper towels and dirty footprints that lead to stalls filled with mounts of toilet paper. It’s no wonder this restroom has made it on this list.




What’s great about the five gender neutral, single-stall restrooms on campus is that they provide a safe and judgement-free zone for trans and gender non-conforming students. They are more accessible for students that require accommodations including students with disabilities, as the restrooms are private, less cramped, and close to important campus resources. These hidden gems can be found in the Administration Building, Student Center, and the library. A visual guide on locating the gender neutral bathrooms is available from the Pride Center inside the HUB. under ARC Campus Resources – Note: made by QSA Fierce