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Brienna Edwards is a second semester student with the Current where she serves as co-editor-in-chief. She has previously served as features editor. Edwards is currently majoring in journalism and photography and plans to transfer to California State University, Sacramento in spring 2019 after finishing her photography degree.

1 Comment on "Photo of the Day: Feb. 22, 2018"

  1. regarding the “lock down” in chemistry department,I understand that all threats must be thoroughly investigated and student safety is top concern and priority but, it was reported that the incident occurred in the “Chemistry Department BIKE RACKS AREA”, I know for a fact that there are no longer and haven’t been any bike racks in chemistry dept. for the past 2 semesters. So, whomever reported to police or whomever relayed the info for the public announcement might need to think about it. I am sure campus police know there are no bike racks because I have to lock my bike up to the handrail of steps and they always leave a note on my bike telling me not to lock it up there and the bike racks are located near library.

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