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Professor Bob Lyman showing an example on D2L of what he is looking for in an answer during class. (Photo by Brandon Nelson)

Take This Class: ENGLT 308: Graphic novels and manga

Brandon Nelson and Brandon Nelson February 25, 2014

When most students think of English literature, they likely think of names like Shakespeare and Orwell. They do not, however, think of Neil Gaiman, Joe Sacco or Frank Miller, unless of course, they have...

Prof. Eifersten lectures during his class. (Photo by Brandon Nelson)

Take this class: MUFHL 308 Introduction to Music: Rock and Roll

Brandon Nelson and Brandon Nelson November 6, 2013

<!--- Rock and Roll, Eifertsen, Human Services, American River College ---!> When you recall a familiar song you heard at a random point in time, you start taping your toes as memories of concerts...

Take this class: Archery

Take this class: Archery

Megan Houchin and Megan Houchin October 24, 2012

If you’re a fan of Katniss Everdeen, Hawkeye, Legolas or Apollo, you’ll probably enjoy taking PACT 300, also known as Archery. In this class, students learn how to aim and shoot a bow and arrow at...

Take this class: Horticulture 305

Olesya Sytnyk and Olesya Sytnyk October 10, 2012

HORT 305 helps students become familiar with the often-strange science in the botanical world. The students of this class learn about growth habits, culturally sustainable methods and uses of ornamental...

Students from the Intermediate Jazz class show off their skills. On the left is Malene Wohlford, on top is Jenna Miller, on the bottom is Hanna Yanni, and on the right is Deatra Shields. (Photo by Bryce Fraser)

Take this class: Jazz 310

Shelby Young and Shelby Young September 19, 2012

Today’s popular music blaring through the speakers, feet moving to the beat and bodies sliding across the wooden floors - Intermediate Jazz 310 is the class to take if you’re a dance freak or someone...

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