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ARC prepares for massive redesign to make campus more inclusive

American River College Public Information Officer Scott Crow is working alongside school officials to implement the campus redesign. (Photo by Ashley Hayes-Stone)

Luis Gael

November 22, 2017

American River College is undergoing a massive redesign project that will see the core values that drive the college and its faculty adapt to the needs of it most at-risk students and attempt to create a more inclusive campus for all. This redesign will have the administration of ARC attempt to fin...

Editorial: Don’t expect a mediocre education

Community college students are sometimes regarded as being less capable than their university peers, but American River College students, with the proper drive, can be more than excellent. (File Photo)

May 11, 2016

“When you get to a 4-year school, this kind of behavior won’t be tolerated,” is something heard by many students in their classes at American River College. There are stereotypes of those of us who attend community college; we’re the mess ups, the slackers and the undedicated. Both students ...

Editorial: ARC needs to close its race performance gap

Students gather for a brave space where microagressions are discussed. Brave spaces are one of the strategies American River College is employing to close the race performance gap.  (Photo by Kyle Elsasser)

April 22, 2016

Through studious dedication, anyone can come to American River College and work toward a better future; at least in theory. The reality is that some people have an easier time working their way through college than others, and data suggests that this performance gap falls along racial lines. T...

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