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Mixed race students open up about their experiences

ARC students, left to right, Kinu Manabe, Jason Parsley, Whitney Butler and Jeremy Clodfelter, speak about what it is like being multi racial at the college hour on Thursday. (Photo by Cheyenne Drury)

Shiavon Chatman

November 7, 2016

A group of panelists, all of mixed races, opened up about their experiences of being interracial in Sacramento at ARC on Thursday. Every semester, the faculty members that orchestrate the weekly college hours try to find a theme. This semester’s theme was diversity. Being able to respect and u...

Sri Lankan author speaks at ARC

Sri Lankan novelist Nayomi Munaweera reads a passage from her book “What Lies Between Us” during a College Hour at ARC on Nov. 1, 2016. Munaweera talked about the influence she recieved for writing her two novels. (Photo by Mack Ervin III)

Shiavon Chatman

November 2, 2016

Tuesday’s college hour commenced with Sri Lankan novelist Nayomi Munaweera reading from her second book, “What Lies Between Us.” “As a person of color I feel like it’s my responsibility to represent,” said Munaweera. Munaweera’s book is centered around the immigrant experience, fe...

ARC Professor shifts commemorating Columbus Day to celebrating Indigenous Peoples

Professor Caton introducing himself in Raef Hall on October 11th, 2016, presenting that Beyond Columbus is far way more than what we know.

Shiavon Chatman

October 11, 2016

‘Beyond Columbus,’ was presented by Professor Ricardo Caton which focused on the myths surrounding Christopher Columbus and his agenda at a college hour on Tuesday. Lately, many of the college hours at ARC have had poor turnouts, but this event seemed to grab the attention of several students...

Professor uses basic math to get students engaged

Professor Barcellos gives instruction about the distance with miles and hours at the October 6 College Hour. (Photo by: Cierra Quintana)

Shiavon Chatman

October 6, 2016

Anthony Barcellos, who works as a professor in the American River College mathematics department, gave a presentation during this week’s college hour to get students interested in math. Amanda Corcoran, an english professor at ARC, introduced Barcellos as her “talented and interested colleague....

Defining Generation Z

Carlos Reyes, Dean of behavioral & social science, discusses trends of millennial and generation y students at a College Hour in Raef Hall 160 on Sept, 20, 2016. (Photo by Robert Hansen)

Claire Bathory

September 22, 2016

For the incoming class of 2020, the Clinton and Bush families have always campaigned for something major. Vladimir Putin will always be, in power overseas, eBay will always be an online swap-meet, and the United States will always be at war. These people are members of Generation Z and were born b...

Stanford student talks research at college hour

Cheyenne Garcia gives a presentation on “Research for College Students” at American River College Tuesday Sept. 6 during College Hour in Raef Hall 160.
(photo by Lidiya Grib)

Laurie Jones

September 20, 2016

A former American River College student spoke at a college hour Sept. 6 on her academic career and her eventual acceptance to Stanford. Garcia received a full scholarship to Stanford after originally not even considering applying there. While studying at ARC, Garcia held a 3.8 GPA and received fo...

Muralist and feminist presents at College Hour

Juana Alicia delivers her presentation at American River College (Photo by James Saling)

Cierra Quintana

September 13, 2016

Muralist and painter Juana Alicia gave a presentation of her work and her role as a women’s rights activist at American River College on Sept. 8 in Raef Hall as part of the College Hour series. Alicia mentioned that her passion for art and activism came to her suddenly. “There are two alar...

Food injustice: ‘The fat cats steal the milk’

Former American River College student, Daniel Milewski, discussed food injustice in Raef Hall on Sep. 1, from 12:15 p.m. to 1:15 p.m. (Photo by Cheyenne Drury)

Laurie Jones

September 7, 2016

Daniel Milewski spoke to a packed audience about food injustice at a college hour event on Thursday in Raef Hall. Milewski is a former American River College anthropology student of ARC professor Kristina Casper-Denman and is now an anthropology student at California State University Sacramento (CSU...

WEAVE explains consent at college hour

WEAVE representative Erienne Ramos speaks to the audience about consent during the college hour on April 19. (Photo by Kyle Elsasser)

Shiavon Chatman

April 22, 2016

Women Escaping A Violent Environment (WEAVE) hosted this week’s college hour at American River College on Tuesday. Consent was the main topic the two WEAVE representatives discussed. Hannah Friedman, WEAVE representative and education coordinator, introduced the college hour by beginning with a few...

ARC hosts college hour on funeral services

Professor Damon Dela-Cruz of Sacramento's East Lawn Mortuary spoke on April 7 at Raef Hall during a college hour.  (Photo by Joe Padilla)

Bailey Carpenter

April 12, 2016

The college hour on Thursday at American River College covered Funeral Services and give an overview of the program that is held on campus. The program at ARC is in the process of growing and hopes to help families that can’t pay the coroner’s fee to release a body.   The program will pay ...

Brave space tackles representation and racism in the media

A subgroup of students participate in discussion at a brave space meeting on March 31. (Photo by Allante Morris)

Shiavon Chatman

April 6, 2016

American River College hosted a brave space meeting Thursday, organized by the members of UNITE. The event primarily focused on the importance of representation for people of color in the media and the presence of racism in film and television. Brett Spencer, a UNITE community intern, warned the audience...

ARC hosts Women’s History Month college hour

Former legislative analyst and Assembly staff member Pamela Haynes and former State Senator Deborah Ortiz during college hour at American River College on March 3. The two women were honored for there public service. (Photo by Sharriyona Platt)

Sharriyona Platt

March 7, 2016

American River College celebrated two women who have devoted their professional lives to public service during college hour on Thursday. Former legislative analyst and state assembly staff member Pamela Haynes and former state senator Deborah Ortiz were the women honored . History professor C...

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