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Opinion: Let Sacramento vote on new Kings arena

Sarah Scott and Sarah Scott

February 10, 2014

The proposed new downtown Kings arena will cost an estimated $448 million, with the city of Sacramento being responsible for $258 million of that, according to The Sacramento Bee. The Kings franchise, in turn, will contribute $189 million. As part of the agreement, the city will give up the 3,700 p...

What we’re reading: ‘Sriracha hot sauce purveyor turns up the heat’

IRWINDALE, CA - MARCH 6, 2013: David Tran, Sriracha founder and creator, has expanded his hot sauce company Huy Fong Foods to a large facility in Irwindale, California. The warehouse contains rows and rows of fresh chilies used in the hot sauce. (Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times)

Sarah Scott and Sarah Scott

May 2, 2013

‘Sriracha hot sauce purveyor turns up the heat’ via Los Angeles Times Sriracha—I personally am a huge fan of the sauce, adding it to everything from grilled cheese to eggs.  But I had never heard about, or even considered, the background of my favorite condiment.  Naturally, when I came ac...

Take this class: PHIL 350: philosophy of religion

Professor Dennis Holden lecturing his class on contingent existence during the course Philosophy of Religion. (Photo by Emily K. Rabasto)

Sarah Scott and Sarah Scott

April 3, 2013

What is faith? What is evil and why does it exist? Is there an afterlife?  Philosophy of Religion is a course that examines these and many other questions associated with religion. The class consists of readings from several philosophers, from ancient Socrates to modern-day Antony Flew, paired w...

In Our Heads: Sarah Scott

Sarah Scott and Sarah Scott

February 27, 2013

Book: “In Cold Blood” – Truman Capote - With his knack for capturing vivid emotions, Capote easily created the most interesting first-hand account of history I’ve ever read. Throughout the manhunt and trial of two men that killed a rural Kansas family, Capote took meticulous notes, eventuall...

ARC’s Dusty Baker Center closes temporarily

The Dusty Baker Center, a counseling office for student-athletes, has a sign posted on its door since Oct. 12 claiming that the office is

Sarah Scott and Jessica Maynard

November 8, 2012

A sign on the door of the Dusty Baker Center reads “closed today.” This sign has been hanging there since Oct. 12. Campus officials said the temporary closing of the center would allow time for administrators to modify its mission of how best to serve student-athletes. “It’s going to be...

Job Creation

Job Creation

Sarah Scott and Sarah Scott

October 24, 2012

Obama: President Barack Obama intends to create more American jobs by offering incentives to companies for keeping production in the states, primarily through tax cuts.  He will also propose tax cuts for businesses that are hiring and raising employee wages, while eliminating tax breaks for companies th...

Election 2012-Reproductive health issues

Election 2012-Reproductive health issues

Sarah Scott and Sarah Scott

October 10, 2012

Obama: President Barack Obama believes that women’s health care choices are personal decisions to be made by a woman and her doctor. In 2010, Obama passed the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, which states that women will not be denied coverage based on health conditions or be charged h...

Know your vote

Sarah Scott and Sarah Scott

September 19, 2012

Obama: The backbone of President Barack Obama’s student loan reform centers on reducing private loans and increasing federal direct loans. Obama explained in his Democratic National Convention speech that this would allow students to borrow directly from the government; eliminating the risk of taki...

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