ARC wins shootout over Siskiyous in OT, 44-37


Number 28 Mike Green celebrates a touchdown with teamates Donivan Hawkins, 84, and Jacob Pinola, 87, at Beaver Stadium on Oct. 13, 2018.

Tracy Holmes

American River College’s football team pulled a win out in overtime against the College of the Siskiyous on Oct. 13, bringing in a crucial win for the season. Running back Mike Green ran the game-winning touchdown in overtime, to give ARC the win, 44-37. The team is 3-3 after seven weeks of the season.

Marco Baldacchino, Beavers quarterback, said he’d like the team to improve on missed opportunities before the team plays Sierra College.

“All that matters is that we got a W and got out of here. We’re 1 and 0 at conference, ready for Sierra next week,” Baldacchino said.

Siskiyous had a jump on the Beavers in the first quarter. The Beavers answered with a touchdown of their own. At the end of the half, Siskiyous kicked a field goal making the score 14-10, with ARC in the lead.

Julian Diaz of Siskiyous forced a fumble in the third that led to a touchdown for the Eagles. Running back Daniel Wright Jr. had a 49-yard run for a touchdown that sparked the offense in the second half. Baldacchino had a 39-yard run in the in the fourth for a touchdown.

After Siskiyous scored a touchdown to take a 37-34 lead, ARC drove down the field with 1:47 left in the fourth quarter, to kick a 38 yard field goal to tie it up 37-37, and send it to overtime.

Baldacchino handed off to Green. Siskiyous won the overtime toss and deferred the ball and gave ARC the ball on offense. ARC took possession in overtime and in five plays the Beavers scored a touchdown.

Beavers quarterback Baldacchino said he realized in the fourth quarter how to execute the offense and pull the win — but the team didn’t have the chance to run the play until overtime.

“I communicated with coach what we wanted to run, I had them wide open there and I just missed them,” Baldacchino said. “I had faith in the offense and went into overtime, shout-out the the defence for sticking it out for us.”

Head Coach Jon Osterhout said he thinks the season is still salvageable with the team’s win on Saturday.

“We just gotta win the conference,” Osterhout said.

According to Osterhout, the Beavers will not get the at large bid. They have to win out the conference. Osterhout explained to the team will work tirelessly to be 2-0 at conference.

Osterhout said he feels the team has quite a few kinks to work out, but is also optimistic. With some of the teams first-string players out for injuries the Beavers are still making plays, however they are also missing opportunities.

“The two blocks we had on pump blocks were critical and then we don’t capitalized on the pump block we had down there, those are where we need to scoop and score,” Osterhout said. “There’s no way this game should have been this close.”

Green was put in, in replacement of first-string running back Evyn Holtz, who is out on injury. Baldacchino is the new starting quarterback, who replaced Jacob Cruz. Osterhout said he feels Baldacchino managed the offense well.

The Beavers will play Sierra College on Oct. 20 at 1:00 p.m.