Players come from out of state to play for ARC football


The American River defense congratulates No. 8 Malcom Scott on his touchdown during the game against Sierra College on Nov. 1. Scott, like many other players, moved from out of state to play football for ARC.

Joseph Daniels and Joseph Daniels

Usually students travel out of state to attend college at a four year university, but American River College’s football team has its own share of out of state players.

Players on the team expressed different reasons why they moved to Sacramento to attend school.

Running back Austin Hines, from Jeffersonville, Ind. said, “My (high school) coach found some of the best junior colleges, and we got in contact with coach Osterhout.”

Redshirt freshman Joseph Gardner, who recently moved from Henderson, Nev. to Sacramento, California, said he was originally from  Sacramento, but later moved.

“I moved out to Vegas with my mom. I moved out here to live with my dad,” he said.

Hines said that every aspect of living in Sacramento is different from Jeffersonville from the way people speak to the scenery.

“When I first got out here, it was probably the biggest culture shock of my life,” said Hines.

Offensive lineman, Zach Howder lived in Huntersville, N.C. before moving to Sacramento.

“Southern hospitality would be a good way to put it,” Howder said. “(In Huntersville) you wave to someone on the road, they wave back.”

The players on the team said that they enjoy living in Sacramento.

Howder said that he used to live in Sacramento before moving to N.C.

“I’m originally from here,” said Howder. “It is kind of like a home away from home. I have a lot of family out here.”

“Nevada is very business oriented, it is very laid back here,” said Gardner.

Howder said the one aspect that he does not like about Sacramento is the effects from the drought.

“(There is) not a lot of green…but I do like the weather,” Howder said.

ARC will be playing against Butte College on Nov. 8 at home. ARC will be going in with a perfect record of 8-0, while Butte has a record of 6-2.