Sports Spirit Day put together by ARC club draws a crowd (Photo gallery)

The currently undefeated Volleyball team of ARC: From left to right: Erika Jones, Monia Udahl, Alexis Johnson, Kylie Christensen, Taylor Ladines, Kirsten Merlino, Leila Whaley, Erianna Williams, Taylor Bunger.

A large group of American River College student-athletes attempted to inspire school spirit and garner further support for the teams by hosting Sports Spirit Day, an event featuring music, games, merchandise and activities, on Oct. 29 outside the Student Center.

Sports Spirit Day was thrown by ARC’s Marketing Innovations Club, in coordination with Dean of Athletics Greg Warzecka.

Members of the volleyball team were present from 11 a.m. to noon, playing challengers from the crowd in a friendly game.

“It’s cool for people to come and meet us and sign posters and know that we actually have a volleyball team,” said team captain Taylor Bunger.

Members of the football team also made an appearance from 12:30 p.m. to 1 p.m.

The basketball team was scheduled to participate from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m., but did not show up.

“We spent a good chunk of time planning this.  We had some loose ends, but the support from everyone was great,” said Daniel Valencia, a member of the Marketing Innovations Club.

The athletic department set up a booth that sold old sports gear like jerseys, sweats and shorts for discounted prices.

Each sale funded the athletic trust, which is used to purchase new apparel when teams go into post-conference or state championships.

24 hour fitness and California Family Fitness also set up booths to promote good health and offered discounted student memberships.

The AMI club also sold handmade bracelets crafted by men, women and children living in impoverished areas in the Philippines for the “Threads of Hope” fundraiser.

“(The event) was a huge success. Much better than last year because we had the full support of the ARC athletic department, and way more student participation,” said AMI President Lydia Burkhard. “We are really trying to get students to the games. We have phenomenal sports teams.”


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