Football notebook, Nov. 8

Matthew Wilke

Receiver Jjuan Muldrow and the rest of the offense struggled to hold onto the ball Saturday, costing them the game.

Kameron Schmid and Kameron Schmid

ARC’s offense turns the ball over plenty, but created no turnovers of their own on defense

ARC football head coach Jon Osterhout has gotten used to having a ballhawking defense, and was left longing against Butte.

“I wish we could’ve created some takeaways and gotten the ball back on our end,” said Osterhout.

One reason ARC didn’t create any takeaways might have been Butte’s reluctance to take chances downfield through the air.

Butte typically plays a smash mouth, running type of football, but quarterback Zach Kline still just threw 17 passes compared to Trosin’s 39, and only completed 9 of those passes for 75 yards.

ARC came into the game with 19 passes intercepted, good for third in the state. Saturday was only the second game of the season that the team left without an interception.

In fact, ARC has only one game with a single interception this season, leaving them with six multi-interception games out of nine games played.

No playing time for Wilfley

Saturday marked the first game of the season that backup quarterback Peyton Wilfley didn’t get any playing time throughout the 60 minutes.

Wilfley started in place of Trosin last week against Sierra because of Trosin’s injured ankle, but played poorly.

He was sacked seven times, often getting himself in trouble in the pocket, and threw one interception that was a particularly bad decision. The throw was a blind heave across his body to the opposite side of the field and was easily picked off, as there was no ARC receiver relatively near the ball.

Trosin replaced Wilfley in the second half, and ARC came back to win, despite Trosin’s inability to scramble, a usual strength of his. Wilfley did come in for Trosin in a goal line situation to run a keeper for a touchdown.

Also worth noting, Wilfley and Trosin were two of the players quickest off the field after this Saturday’s loss, in that order. Trosin appeared frustrated with his performance.

Athletics director’s crusade against foul language

ARC athletic director Greg Warzecka fulfills many roles during an ARC home football game.

When he’s not talking to statisticians, assisting and directing PA announcers, or chatting with visiting campus dignitaries like ARC President Thomas Greene or head of public relations Scott Crow, he’s policing bad language in ARC’s press box.

Warzecka has given multiple warnings to foul-mouthed visitors throughout the season, from journalists to the coaching staff of visiting teams, who usually have a number of coaches watching from the high view of the box and relaying play calls on headset.

However, on this Saturday, Warzecka declined to confront members of Butte’s coaching staff after they swore on multiple occasions throughout the game, both in times of anguish and jubilation.

He definitely sent some looks their way, but no warning.