LeBron takes the spotlight in the new installment of “NBA 2K”

LeBron takes the spotlight in the new installment of “NBA 2K”

Kevin Ford and Kevin Ford

Company 2K games is back again with the newest installment of its sports video game series, “NBA 2K14.”

In this edition of NBA 2K, league MVP LeBron James is the main focus.

2K14 introduces Path to Greatness, a new playable mode that lets the user control the fate of LeBron James.

You are given the option to stay with the Miami Heat and form a dynasty, or you can choose to leave for a different team during free agency.

While playing through Path to Greatness you will encounter hypothetical matches, and several epic matchups such as Game 7 in the NBA finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder, a Spurs vs. Heat finals rematch during the season, and even Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant’s last career game.

In addition to the well-designed Path to Greatness mode, old features such as NBA Today matchups, the Association, online play, and My Player are all still available.

The main difference between this and “NBA 2K13” is one word: realism. The gameplay and simulations are much smoother and realistic than the games released in previous years. The graphics are top notch. For example, it is clear the developers put time into the little details such as crowd reactions and even LeBron’s hairline. The characters’ facial features are stunning and quite possibly the best out of any sports game.

Getting fouled five feet away from the basket and following through to make your shot in past games has been the worst. Not only would it mess up your momentum, but also you didn’t usually ever make your “and-1.” In “NBA 2K14,” Houston Rockets’ James Harden (who led the league in drawing personal fouls) will finally get his bucket and his free throw!

Another feature the developers added is the overall improvement of defense during gameplay. In “NBA 2K13,” defense was nearly impossible; you had almost no control to stop the opponent’s offense. Now it is easily playable and actually kind of fun.

There is also an added feature that allows dunks to be blocked. No longer will Nate Robinson, notable for being only 5’9”, be able to dunk successfully over taller players as often.

There isn’t much of what ESPN would call a “Decision.” The latest installment of NBA 2K games is in my opinion the best one to date and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the NBA or sports games in general.

Score: [usr=4.75 max=5]