Tennis team pursues back-to-back conference championships

Patrick Johnson won 6-0, 6-2 in his Singles match on Saturday, Feb. 02 against Reedley College. (Photo by Emily K. Rabasto)

Last season the tennis team tied for first place in the Big 8 North Conference. Bo Jabery-Madison looks to get the most out of his teams abilities this season. 

The men’s tennis team is all but ready to produce event better than last season’s performances, according to coach Bo Jabery-Madison.

Jabery-Madison, who collected the state coach of the year award in 2012, believes his team’s determination to succeed and countless hours of training out on the courts can only result in an even more impressive year this time around.

“No one is training harder than us out there,”Jabery-Madison said. “No one is doing more than we are at the moment. We are prepared.”

Having coached at American River College for more than nine years, his excellent record deservedly attained him the state coach of the year after his team ranked third in Northern California and eight in the state last year.

After tying for the Big Eight North last season and winning the conference championship in 2007. They have also been runners up for five of the last seven years. Consistency defies his time as a coach.

Academically, his team has overachieved as well. For three consecutive years, they were awarded the State team GPA Champion-Men’s Tennis accolade ((2008- 3.26, 2009- 3.41, 2010- 3.36).

“I’ve managed some great players since my time here,”Jabery-Madison said. “We have a pretty good record in the last nine years and my current crop is very talented.”

His new squad includes two returning players in Charles LaSalle and Patrick Johnson, and his number one ranked player Andrew Amore for a second consecutive year.

“Andrew is a talented leftie. He is more physical this year. He is an amazing striker of the ball,” Jabery-Madison said.

He mentioned his remaining players, praising them for their individual talents. “Our second ranked player Simba Baratti is very athletic and a great grinder of the ball,” Jabery-Madison said.

He has great confidence in the squad.

“Then we got guys like Kevin Valentine and Adam Duong who have great potential and are still developing as well as our seventh and eight ranked players Marvin Liu and Nick Atkinson who will be contributing to our team,” Jaber-Madison said.

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