What’s the rush about rushing quarterbacks?


Steven Paxiao and Steven Paxaio

Can someone please tell me what is so great about a rushing quarterback? Besides the obvious addition of another threat on the ground, it just doesn’t make sense to me.

If it’s overall records you could argue for, you would be shocked to find out what they actually are.  The top three rushing quarterbacks in the league right now would have to be Robert Griffin III, Cam Newton and Michael Vick, but all three have losing records; 3-6, 2-7 and 3-6 respectively.

What’s the rush about rushing quarterbacks?
To make things worse, in the two years that Newton has been in the league, he has only been able to produce eight wins in 25 starts.  Although Newton has put up some record-breaking stats, this isn’t what these athletes are truly after, which are wins and titles.

Pass-first quarterbacks have always dominated in the win column and certainly in the Super Bowl column as well.   One of the best quarterbacks of our time, arguably, is Tom Brady.  The thing that makes him so good is not his legs, but his arm. With that arm, he threw his way to three Super Bowl titles, two MVPs and over 42,000 yards.

When Newton passes more than rushes, he can hang with any team in the league. But when premeditated rushing starts happening, defenses can just sit in zone coverage and wait for him.

It should be no secret that Newton has the ability to throw the ball, having broken the rookie passing yards record last season, but what has happened to that arm this season? Over halfway through the season, Newton has only amassed about a third of what he had during his rookie campaign.

Other notable passing quarterbacks right now include Peyton Manning, Eli Manning and Drew Brees.  These quarterbacks have a combined four MVPs, four Super Bowl titles and 19 trips to the pro bowl.  Of the top rushing quarterbacks in the history of the NFL (minus Steve Young because his ability to throw and his supporting cast) there is Randall Cunningham, Fran Tarkenton and Donovan McNabb.  Together, they may have had the same amount of pro bowl selections, but they only had one MVP and none of them ever won a Super Bowl.

Some critics may disagree with me, but if it’s accolades that make up a great QB, then these rushers just don’t measure up.  When it comes down to it, the fact that Andrew Luck’s amazing season is being overlooked by the many Griffin III Subway commercials is definitely out of bounds.