Take this class: Cultural Foods of The World

We live in a culture where fast food restaurants are mainstream, which is why some people do not explore authentic foods from around the world.

American River College offers a course that compares the diverse culture of food customs around the world. Cultural Foods of the World is a survey class that takes a look at social, religious, and economic significance of food within the geographic areas.

The class covers a wide range of cultures, and their food patterns, such as areas like Japan, Europe, Middle East, Korea, and China. This course examines specific foods of each culture and analyzes students’ own eating habits as well.

This course does not require a prerequisite, and is also transferable to a University of California or California State University.

Dr. Jana Gonsalves enjoys teaching students about which foods are specific to each culture, “It’s a fun class, and I love cultural foods and traveling to different cultures,” she says.

This course has been offered for the last two years and students seem to enjoy it because they are asked to bring food into class “that they’ve never had a chance to try,” says Gonsalves.

Students also really like this course because “they get to meet someone else from a different culture which makes them feel more comfortable,” says Gonsalves.

Josh Clements, a student from a previous spring semester says, “I loved learning about the meaning of food, how it is used in each culture, and religious practices.”

The content of the class compares American styles of foods to more ethnic dishes of each different culture. Currently in the class, Caitlyn Kolonis says, “It’s really cool talking about the key ingredients in different cultures’ cuisine.”

Cultural Foods of the World is only offered in the spring semesters so do not skip out on a great opportunity to learn about cultural dishes of the world.

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