Community of Voices brings students together through music

“It’s a safe place to come and sing, it’s a place where you can be among friends”


American River College’s Community of Voices, founded in 2017, is designed to bring students together with music and singing, giving anyone the chance to sing and receive constructive feedback from students as well as a professor. (Photo via Pixabay)

Collin Andrews, Staff Writer

Now that American River College has entered the third semester of online learning, classes and clubs alike have been forced to find creative ways to continue working and staying together. Community of Voices has created a symphonic environment for students. 

Community of Voices, founded in  2017 is designed to bring students together with music and singing. This gives anyone the chance to sing in front of other students and receive constructive feedback from those students as well as a professor. 

“As singers, it is their job to communicate a story to the audience,” ARC fine arts professor Catherine Fagiolo said, adding that the club was formed with the intent to help students make that job at telling a story that much easier.

Fagiolo created, Community of Voices to help bring all students together with music. With a background predominantly in voice and teaching music students how to control their voice, Fagiolo has been assisting students at ARC who are hoping to improve their singing ability, whether that is for their major or just to have fun.

“It’s a safe place to come and sing, it’s a place where you can be among friends instantly and showcase whatever it is you are working on and know that you are going to get positive feedback on,” Fagiolo said.

Fagiolo’s remarks were echoed by first-year design major, Jessica Mei, who says she has enjoyed the Community of Voices and appreciated Fagiolo’s teaching methods in her second semester as a member of the club. 

Mei enjoys singing and loves the opportunity to share her voice and be able to improve herself by learning to have better control and learn more about singing different types of music genres including classical. 

Mei says she was most excited about learning a classical-style song from Fagiolo.

Community of Voices is open to anyone who would like to join, whether they’re an arts major or business major. The club meets via Zoom once a week synchronously on Thursdays between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m.

The meetings are structured around students presenting their own pieces and the rest of the students and professor give feedback on what they liked or parts they may be able to improve. Giving students a truly safe and welcome environment to showcase their musical skills. 

Students who wish to join the club should contact Fagiolo via email.