Photo of the Day: Jan. 30, 2019

A self declared “Preacher of God” protests and holds a protest sign that reads “Jesus Saves From Hell” in front of the Student Center at American River College on Jan. 30, 2019. ARC's Public Information Officer Scott Crow addressed the situation in an email. "As a public institution, American River College has a responsibility to provide a space for constitutionally protected free speech, irrespective of the beliefs expressed in that speech," he wrote. "We also have an obligation to encourage a civil dialogue about controversial issues." Crow advised anyone who is negatively impacted to the reach out to the Counseling Center or the HUB for support. (Photo by Hameed Zargry)

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Hameed Zargry
Hameed Zargry is a first semester staff writer for the Current. Hameed is Journalism major and is doing his minor in computer science.

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