American River College Veterans Resource Center hosts Military women appreciation


Brittney Goode prepares to volunteer for the Military Women’s Appreciation Day at the Veteran’s Resource Center on Oct. 3rd (Photo by Christian Sutton)

Christian Sutton

They served us, now we serve them with a day to say ‘thank you’ to women who gave everything for our country.

American River College Veterans Resource Center will partner with Veterans Affairs to host a Military Women’s Appreciation Day. The event will be on Saturday Oct. 27 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the student center. Anyone can register for free online at eventbrite.

The event will offer breakfast and lunch, a women veterans art exhibit, massage therapy and other readily available resources from the VA.

The event will give women in the military a day to relax, attend workshops about resources and meet other women who have served, according to event organizer Daniel Avegalio, the student services supervisor at ARC’s Veterans Resource Center.

“We honor any woman that has served in the military, whether they are a veteran, in the reserves, or on active duty, we want to honor them,” Avegalio said.

The event will include classes to learn and build practical skills, such as tai chi, yoga and classes for wellness and women’s self-defense, according to Avegalio.

Brittney Goode, a double major in sociology and social work, served in the Marine Corps in Camp Pendleton, California. She said she feels appreciated, acknowledged and supported as a veteran.

“The fact that they are doing something to recognize women are a part of the military and that we are recognized for the part we play in supporting and defending our country,” Goode said.

She said events like this, specifically for women in the military, lets them know that they are acknowledged.

Last year, the first time ARC hosted this event, there were about 250 service members in attendance, Avegalio said.

Other non-profits are partnering to sponsor the event such as Soldiers Project, which provides mental health care for veterans and their families, and Operation Care and Comfort, which provides free concert and sporting event tickets to veterans, Avegalio said.

The VA Women’s Health Care clinic sponsors this event at ARC every October.