Campus Pulse: “What’s your favorite thing about fall?”

"I'm bitter about fall because that is when the rain comes and I bike to school." -Alberto Jimenez | Kinesiology
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About the Author

Ashley Hayes-Stone

Ashley Hayes-Stone is a first semester photojournalist with the American River Current. She has previously had photos published in the Sacramento Bee and the Sacramento News and Review.

2 Comments on "Campus Pulse: “What’s your favorite thing about fall?”"

  1. I enjoyed being a part of the “What’s your favorite thing about fall?” photoset. And while Autumn Atherton is likely a lovely young person doing important work for the deaf, I’m afraid that I am not her after all.

    -Benn Hodapp, Accounting (AKA the guy in the red hat)

    P.S. I am not upset at all; just trying to bring some levity. My family and I had a good chuckle about the mishap. Carry on with the great work, future journos!


    Luis Gael Jimenez Reply:

    Sorry about that Benn. I went ahead and fixed it.

    It was a problem with the image title/description.


  2. *Auburn Atherton. See? We all make mistakes.


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