“They need creative thinkers, they need creative people.”


Jodie Hooker, art department chair and photography professor, speaks at the career exploration event.

T.J. Martinez

Jodie Hooker, art department chair and photography professor at American River College, set the tone early during the opening of her art exploration event on March 8 at 12 p.m.          

“Everyone told me I would starve if I went to art school, I have not been unemployed for one minute since I was 14,” Hooker said.

Hooker and other faculty members of the school’s growing art department hosted the event to showcase what opportunities reside in the real world for art hopefuls at ARC.

The Art, Art History, and Photography Major & Career Exploration event was held in Room 504 of the Fine Arts Department on campus.

Rebecca Arnfeld, an art historian and art history professor at ARC, explained how versatile and important her field of study is.

“Critical thinking is the bread and butter of art history class,” Arnfeld said. “Individuals will make the best, most amazing work with new appreciation and understanding of the field.”

Arnfeld also touched on what careers are available to anyone who successfully completes an art history degree. Students may work in galleries, museums or for corporations to analyze images and amass art collections for them.

“You see on average 5,000 images a day,” Arnfeld said.  “How often do you actually take a moment to analyze it?”

Another member of the faculty touched on gallery management operations and the certificate that ARC offers for it.

Sarah Mattson, the author of the certificate, explained the importance of the certificate and what it could do for any student who achieves it.

“The need is here in Sacramento,” said Mattson, “It will validate your resume.”

Mattson explained that this certificate gives students the upper hand because they will have information and experience in things that will be foreign to other students.

Courses required for the certificate include Business 224, a customer service class that will enable students to talk to and persuade art consumers, along with other key courses as well.

Hooker stressed that success is possible for any art-inclined student.

“They need creative thinkers, they need creative people,” said Hooker, “I’m standing here to tell you that me and my kid made it,”.