Inner power coach comes to ARC

Victor Peterson visits ARC to show examples of “real power” by raising emotional frequency to a higher level. He asks students on campus if they want to “see a miracle today” and shows them a sample. (photo by Lidiya Grib)

Victor Peterson uses ‘miracles’ to show ARC students how to use their “inner power” in their spiritual lives to  create positive outcomes.  

Peterson is a spiritual counselor spreading his work downtown and at different college campuses by asking people, “do you have time for a miracle today?”

“I’m here at the college showing people how to experience the invisible world to get more intune with their spiritual self,” said Peterson.

Many ARC students walk past unknowing what ‘miracle’ to expect; most are in a hurry to get to class or mainly just avoid the questioner.

Curious students, on the other hand are met with something unexpected;  whether they leave bewildered or unaffected, still leave learning something new.

“I ask people what they use their spirits for, and people usually say ‘I don’t know,’” said Peterson.

To teach students how to use their spirits, Peterson begins by introducing the Law of Attraction to explain the mystery of the spiritual invisible world that goes on around them, attracting them to different situations.

The Law of Attraction is a reintroduction of concepts originating from ancient teaching, which in today’s modern time centers on the idea that we determine and control the positive and negative influences in our lives.

Peterson further explained that most people don’t know how to use their spirit and don’t pay attention to this invisible world.

“You can do so many things with your spiritual self, just like you can use your body many different ways,” Peterson said.

In his ‘miracle’ demonstrations, Peterson means to raise people’s frequency by bringing out the highest emotion, love, to raise their awareness and spiritual magnet.

“I bring out my my inner world into the outer world by sending out different emotions and have them experience it,”, said Peterson.

In his first demonstration, Peterson slowly moves his hand across a pen, producing different reactions to it.

“There’s reactions where someone is really stressed and you can see their muscles popping out, but after raising their frequency they don’t even think about it,” Peterson said.

Business major, Alex Chavez said he felt “anticipation and energy” enter his body after this experience.

In his second sample, Peterson strokes his beard to raise the frequency of the other person.  

ARC student Libby Hamad described the increase of her heart rate, and the extremely peaceful and positive feeling she experienced.

Hamad explained that she practices Buddhism and uses this idea in her daily life.

Peterson uses these samples to show people that the spirit can be used for many different areas in life, such as to communicate, create visions and reach goals and dreams.

“I always believed we are more like superheros; we are amazing spiritual powerful miraculous beings with a body,” said Peterson.

Peterson expresses that his passion i comes from his curiosity in learning more about what cannot be seen and teaching others to experience it too.

“Most people want to learn about things they can see but I’ve always been curious about the things that you can’t see,” Peterson said.

As a counselor, Peterson helps his clients experience the invisible world and get in tune with their inner selves.

He provides his clients with lesson plans in different areas to grow in such as their physical and spiritual lives, family and spouse relationships and their mental thinking.

“I picked the perfect line of work to work in, because everyone has a spirit and not many people know how to use it,” said Peterson.

Peterson has a youtube channel called C.Clear Connections where more of his videos can be found.

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Lidiya Grib is a second-semester student with the Current where is is a writer, illustrator, photographer, and is currently the Arts and Culture editor. Lidiya is majoring in English and considering to minor in Journalism or in communication studies.

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