Author gives helpful insight into acquiring your dream career


Author Jake Kelfer gives a motivational speech helping people find careers they are passionate about at American River College on September 28, 2016. (Photo by Robert Hansen)

Jared Smith

On Wednesday, the ARC Career Center hosted author Jake Kelfer. The event was called “Elevate beyond the competition.”

Kelfer discussed his newly released book, “Elevate Beyond,” and he gave students tips how to acquire their dream job.

The event was held in Community rooms 1-2 in the student center plaza from 3-4 p.m.

Breanne Holland, a supervisor for the Career Center, said that the event was a good topic of conversation for students.

Kelfer started the presentation by doing push-ups, then having a student do the same. He then said who did them better doesn’t matter, just that the same amount of effort was put in.

This was the major point of his presentation, to show that as long as you give your all, you can achieve what you want to achieve in life.

“All of us are good enough to achieve what we want,” Kelfer said.

As the presentation continued, Kelfer went through many of the steps he believes students should take to achieve their dream career. He first showed students how to find a career that interests them.

He then showed how to build an irresistible resume, which included formating and what to have on the resume and showed how to get and “crush the interview.”

During this speech, Kelfer picked on a student to do a mock interview with him. He gave the student one minute to describe herself. He then gave advice about her mock interview.

The ARC student, Merian Shaban, a psychology major, said that the advice was very helpful.

Merain thought that it was very interesting, and she learned new things she needs to practice on for her career.

Kelfer last tips involved showing how to brand yourself on social media. He said social media should only show what you want people to see. He closed the presentation by saying that the most important of life is to have fun.

Kelfer said “You have one life to live, why choose to do anything other than being happy?”

In Kelfer’s book, “Elevate Beyond”, which was given out to students who attended, people can expect “to learn the framework to gaining an advantage on schoolwork and life.”

Those wanting to learn more about Kelfer or his book, can visit