Los Rios Foundation participates in regional 24 hour online fundraiser


The Los Rios Foundation will be participating in the 2016 Big Day Of Giving 24 hour fundraiser to benefit scholarships, grants, and the Student Emergency Fund. (Screengrab from Los Rio Foundation website.)

Justina Sharp

The Los Rios Foundation will be participating in the Big Day of Giving, a regional online 24 hour fundraising campaign, on May 3.

Starting at 12:01 a.m. on May 3, donors can give through 11:59 p.m. starting with donations of $25 at www.bigdayofgiving.org.

Now in its third year, Big Day Of Giving has raised nearly $9 million from over 36,000 donors to support nonprofit organizations, according to their website.

“It benefits unrestricted giving … which for a non-profit is the best kind,” said Kristin Frame, director of institutional advancement for the Los Rios Foundation.

Last year, Sacramento was number one when ranked against other communities in dollars earned, said Kirsten DuBray, director of college advancement for ARC.

“This was wonderful (because) … Those of us in the fundraising community feel Sacramento is not known for philanthropic giving,” said DuBray.

The Los Rios Foundation primarily puts the money towards their student emergency fund, according to Frame.

This fund is then used for grants given to students facing emergencies in their life that could somehow impede their education or ability to attend school.

There is additional opportunity for organizations to win cash prizes, based on participation.

The Los Rios Foundation benefits all four Los Rios colleges, but the funds from Big Day of Giving can go to specific schools.

“If someone makes a donation, and are connected with the college … the dollars come here,” said Dubray. “I call every donor personally and thank them.”

Big Day of Giving is part of a nationwide giving program called Give Local America