ARC holds two-day event to celebrate Multicultural Day


American River College's Latin Jazz Ensemble performs at the Multi Cultural Event in the quad area on April 12. (Photo by Joe Padilla)

Bailey Carpenter

Multicultural Day is a two-day event ARC is hosting on April 12 and 13 to celebrate the different cultures around the world.

Held in front of the student center, there was food available and the Latin Jazz Ensemble played music.

Vendors were selling things like food, rings, paintings and clothes.  

The International Program had a booth set up to bring awareness to students about the program.  

Gladis Sanchez, a student personal assistant to the International program on campus said the majority of the program gets around on a “word of mouth.”

“We don’t do any actual active recruiting or anything so they look at our website,” Sanchez said. “Because we are in Sacramento, California we are very fortunate to get a lot of students interested.”

The process to become an international student can take between two to six months depending on the application process and applying for a visa.  

The UNITE program at ARC is a social justice initiative which identifies social disparities on campus and within the community.  

Alejandra Hilbert, a UNITE community intern, encouraged all students to attend.

“There (events) all for ARC students, but we also invite other campuses as well to come and participate,” Hilbert said.

Kathi Fox is a professor at ARC who was promoting a new program called Human Lactation and all of the resources to get a certificate in the program.  

“A lot of what is needed is just support for the normal situation so women understand what normal babies are about, what normal breastfeeding is about and what it looks like,” Fox said.

Breastfeeding is decreasing in all cultures and Fox hopes that through the program women can become more informed about the benefits of breastfeeding.
Today there will be different vendors and more performances.  Multicultural Day will start at 10:30 a.m. and lunch will be served around 12:30 p.m.