‘How to get a state job’ lecture given over spring break

After American River College turned prospective workers away from a job fair because there was standing room only, Sacramento County coordinator Betty Conley organized another presentation of “How to get a state job” over spring break.

Over 100 people attended another state job talk, this time at the Hillsdale Career Center in Sacramento.

Conley explained the different parts of the CalJobs website that would be covered.

Employment development department representative Bill Oliveri spoke at the event. Oliveri has worked for the EDD for 32 years and lives in Sacramento area.

Oliveri discussed how to register potential state employee information on the Caljobs website. Once registered, applicants can set up individual profiles which determine specific qualities or experiences they have.

Attendees interjected quite a bit with questions about the login process, and pointed out how tedious it is.

“It’s hard because you have to finish the step by step process before you can look at the jobs,” said unemployed attendee Marlene Harrison. “If you don’t finish all that stuff in the amount of time they give you, you automatically go back to the beginning.”

Oliveri also discussed the tools available for job hunting and the exam scheduling system. The exams are arranged to screen applicants for a possible fit for a job opening.

There is a very tight window of time to take the exam online before the limit of applicants is reached. The exam schedule fills up very fast, usually within an hour of opening.

“It’s a bit like eBay,” Oliveri said. “You’ve got to be on it right away, or it’s too late.”

Betty Conley also reminded the audience to keep their personal information as current as possible, and to not be discouraged if an applicant does not get into the first exam they take.

“It’s almost like step 2 is more important than step 1,” said Conley. “But keep logging in; don’t give up. There’s a reason why there are so many tests and questionnaires. They want to find you the right job.”

Oliveri also emphasized the importance of taking the life experience questionnaire on the website. He explained the questions were designed to pick up on possible traits an applicant have relating to their own life experiences.

“Don’t just put one liners in the answer boxes,” Oliveri said. “Give details about where you worked, or what you did in the military, or what you were in jail for.”

One audience member asked about whether his expunged felony would should show up on the background check portion.

Oliveri also commented on the “silver tsunami,” or wave of baby boomers who will retire in the next 5 to 10 years, that is surely to affect the job market.
“The positions are there, maybe not as many as we need right now, but it is looking up,” said Oliveri.

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