Child Development Center sells goodies to raise funds

The Child Development Center held its annual bake sale Wednesday in an effort to raise funds for the children in its program.

The money that was raised will be used to buy the children more food for their lunch as well as more classroom pets such as turtles, fish and hamsters, which the children are responsible for taking care of.

“Every year we receive tons of support from students and staff. They really love helping out and trying our baked goods,” said Sue Ahola, a staff member of the Child Development Center.

Parents of children in the program and even faculty members usually donate or make baked goods for this sale.

Each baked good was sold for a dollar. The chocolate chip cookies and large muffins, some of the more popular items at the event, sold out quickly.

Valerie Hoyt, an early childhood education major, helped work the sale with Ahola and her son Cole.

“We see a lot of success at our bake sales thankfully. It’s great that we have a way to make money since the Child Development Center doesn’t have as much funding as it used to,” said Hoyt.

The center tries to hold these bake sales once every semester.

Students that are in early childhood education, ECE, 320 and 321 work with the children in the development center for six hours a week as part of their lab.

“Before my son, Cole, became too old to stay in the program, I used to volunteer at the Child Development Center for my classes,” said Hoyt. “Although I don’t volunteer in the center itself anymore, my second son is enrolled in their program.”

The center is flexible when it comes to dropping children off for day care. They work with parents’ to create a schedule around their work and school schedules that allows parents time to study and focus on other responsibilities.

“The child development center definitely accommodates the students well. We’re looking forward to obtain as much support as we can,” said Hoyt.

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