Mathematics department has fun with Pi

Richard Martel raises the hand of Colton Dargue, winner of the pie eating contest. The contests was one of the events and games that math department prepared for the Pi Day celebration that took place at ARC’s Math Quad on Mar. 12. Dargue, in addition to winning a pie-eating contest, also completed a Pin The Decimal game and a math puzzle.

Pi Day, which falls on March 14, was celebrated by the mathematics department two days early through an event consisting of pie, games and learning about the mathematical constant Thursday.

Pi, which approximates to 3.14, is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.

This year’s celebration included students playing math based puzzle games and participating in a pie eating contest.

Students were able to buy a whole pie for $15 to raise money.

“The fundraiser is for the Math Club,” said Kalim Khogiani, a math major and president of the Math Club.

Professor Rocio Owens hosted Pi Day to have a fun time with the number sequence Pi by labeling the number sequences of pi on a blue t-shirt.

“The numbers 9, 26, and 53 follow next in the pi constant,” said Owens.

Owens said that students become engaged in exposure to math when referring to the puzzle games such as a grid computation puzzle, which is similar to sudoku.

The pie eating contest was held at the end of the event.

Civil engineer major Colton Dargue won the pin the decimal on the number math contest, also

Dargue won the pie eating contest and was given a free t-shirt.

“I couldn’t breathe,” said Dargue. Dargue used his hands rather than using a plastic fork during the pie eating contest.

The pie for the pie eating contest was banana cream pie with graham crackers and raisins.

“I enjoyed the blackberry pie,” said Dargue.

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