Epic Love Club Day brings out school spirit


Lindsey Martin

Members of the student body participate in the toga contest put on by CAEB.

Lindsey Martin and Lindsey Martin

The Epic Love Club Day, put on by the Associated Student Body Clubs and Events Board, drew a crowd of students Feb. 12 as they perused the tables for information on clubs and free gifts and prizes.

“We try to make this more of an event so students can get involved,” said Alexander Suliman, media director of CAEB. “It’s really a day where clubs can get more members.”

At the CAEB booth there was a bowl of Hershey’s Kisses and a bowl of colored condoms to promote safe sex during the Valentine’s Day holiday.

Next to the CAEB booth, the Student Senate was giving away free American River College book bags and USB flash drives while also promoting the 2015 March in March, where students can advocate for California Community College issues at the California State Capitol on March 2.

The Veg-Fit club, which promotes healthy eating and exercise, is in need of a faculty advisor or else their club cannot reactivate and they were also asking for donations.

Laurie Jones, president of Veg-Fit, described how hard it is for clubs to raise funds because they cannot sell food on most days of the school year, hold car washes due to the drought, or even hold raffles because it is considered gambling.

Fierce resurrected the Temple of Aphrodite and also had supplies available at their booth for people to make Valentines cards for patients at Shriner’s Hospital.

“The other clubs are academic,” said Brett Spencer, president of Fierce. “We are a social and cultural club where people are free to be themselves.”

An open mic ran from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. adjacent to the student center, and rappers and singers performed in front of an impromptu crowd.

“I think it’s great for students to be able to express themselves,” said Matthew Balling, who is currently taking recording classes at ARC. “It builds community and relationships.”

The Phi Thetta Kappa club was selling Candy Kiss Roses and are using the money made from sales to donate to young girls in Africa.

PTK is working on making sanitary kits for women in Africa that will help prevent AIDS and HIV.  Donation boxes can be found in classrooms around campus.

PTK is also trying to raise money to send their club president to Africa with the donations.

“I love Club Day. I specifically chose classes that don’t interfere with it so I can sit out here for three hours,” said Xavi Aquino, who is currently running for President of PTK.

Shortly after the ending of Open Mic, winners of the toga contest where chosen and everyone who participated in the contest was given a gift card to the Beaver Bookstore.
“This has been amazing, so much fun,” said Leslie Milan Fisher, vice president of the student senate. “Being out here with the students…we’re here for you…this is what college is about, to be able to express yourself and find people just like you.”