Los Rios students can spend next fall in Spain

The Northern California Study Abroad Consortium, or NCSAC, has announced that the study abroad program for the next fall semester will be held in Barcelona, Spain.

Students who sign up for the program will have the opportunity to take up to four courses in Barcelona over a 13 week stay and have the chance to experience the culture of Spain, all while earning college credits.

Students will also have the option to live with a host family or stay in an apartment with other students.

They will receive a travel pass for three months for the city’s metro and bus system.

Optional additions to the main package include different medical insurance programs and a travel package which includes roundtrip airfare from San Francisco to Barcelona.

During the semester-long stay, students will go on two different full day trips; one to Figueres, one to Girona. They will also get free admission to one of six different museums.

While studying in Barcelona, students will have access to a student center for studying with free Wi-Fi and printing available.

There will be an emergency contact service available 24 hours a day should anything happen to the students.

Students must apply by May 8, and include a $50 application fee.

If accepted, the cost of the program is $7,745. Although signing up for the travel package adds another $1,450 to the base price, Lizzy Lynch, Assistant Director of the Study Abroad program from Sacramento City College believes it adds to the students overall experience.

“From what I’ve heard from the students who do the transportation package is that they usually end up enjoying it. It’s often the first real time they’re getting to know each other and friendships bond quickly when you’re flying across the world for 12 plus hours,” said Lynch.

Students also have to cover the cost of their tuition for the courses they will select for the semester in Spain.

They may use their current financial aid or BOG (Board Of Governors) fee waiver to cover this cost.

Four different instructors from community colleges within the NCSAC will teach several classes, ranging from Spanish, speech, art and biology. Los Rios’ representatives are Lynch and biology professor Stephen James, also from Sacramento City College.

“Barcelona is a wonderful city. I was just there last summer traveling with my daughter,” said James.

The NCSAC is made up of a group of community college districts including Los Rios, and these representatives decide on which city to attend each fall.

“As a team, locations are chosen based on where we believe students will be attracted. Our fall trips change each year,” Lynch said.

The spring version of the semester abroad program remains in Florence, Italy, as it is the most popular destination according to students who have gone through the program.
The fall destination is the more flexible option. In fall 2014, the semester abroad was held in Paris; in fall of 2016, the program will go to London.

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