Wi-Fi at ARC has become troublesome

Students have been experiencing issues connecting to the Wi-Fi at American River College in specific locations.

The areas experiencing the largest connectivity issues are Davies Hall and the Liberal Arts and Administration buildings.

The portable village and the library also have minor connectivity issues. It is still possible to use the Wi-Fi in these areas, but at a slower speed.

“Just a few minutes ago I was talking to a guy in the Liberal Arts computer lab and he was telling me that he was having problems connecting to the Wi-Fi with his laptop and cell phone,” said Tony Dominick, a micro-computer applications major.

ARC’s main campus may not be the only one facing connectivity issues.

“While I was taking classes at the Natomas campus I didn’t have my phone to contact my ride so I decided to try and use a calling app on my iPod. The Wi-Fi was so bad that I couldn’t connect to it, so I had to use someone else’s phone,” said Dominick.

Even when some students manage to connect to the access point on their mobile devices, they still can’t gain access to the internet because of a problem with the authentication process.

“When you connect to the access point on your phone or laptop you’re asked to put in your student ID number and password. After that it begins to go through an authentication process. There must be some sort of issue going on because it never connects whenever it begins authenticating. I’m not the only one experiencing this problem either,” said C.J. Little, a Journalism major.

Those looking for a more steady connection should visit the athletic buildings, the science department or the student center.

The administration building offers papers with instructions on how to connect to ARC’s Wi-Fi with an Android or Apple device.

“Hopefully whoever is in charge of the wireless here fixes the problem that’s going on, because there are a majority of students out there who aren’t getting internet access in the areas they need,” said Little.
The ITC building is said to be in charge of the Wi-Fi. The Current tried contact Jeff Bucher, ARC’s Interim IT Supervisor for information on plans to improve ARC’s Wi-Fi but could not get a comment.

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Jose Garcia is a third-­semester student on the Current. He previously served as the co-Scene editor. He is majoring in journalism and plans to transfer to Sacramento State.

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