Campus Pulse: How do you feel about Obama’s plan to make community college free?

Campus Pulse: How do you feel about Obamas plan to make community college free?

Barbara Harvey and Meredith Durham


Anthony Chaverri, business
“I’m not sure, I haven’t really listened to his speech about it, so I really don’t know. It sounds like a good thing, but it has it’s down sides.”











Benny Khammisouk, computer science
“I actually have no comment on that, because I really don’t know the subject matter.”











Justin Macrina, social science
“I actually didn’t hear about that. I don’t know about that, I don’t like it. I mean, we’ve gotta pay for something. We’re $18 trillion in debt, and it’s only getting worse, so making things free right now is probably not the best thing to do. We need to tax more, and for him to make things free — I don’t know about that.”













Marianne Zezulka, undecided
“That’d be nice. It’s expensive. It’s the reason I haven’t gone yet, till now.”











Michael Meeham, journalism
“I feel like that’s necessary. It’s one of those things that should have happened years ago. I definitely haven’t seen the bill, though. But if that’s the jist of it, if it’s a simple bill, I’d be down.”