ARC vets assemble for kickball game


Kevin Sheridan

Members of the veteran's kickball game assemble for a group photo before the game.

Kevin Sheridan and Kevin Sheridan

A group of American River College students who are also military veterans organized a amicable game of kickball on the field outside of the administration building.

The game was held on Friday, Nov. 7 from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. and was organized both for the upcoming Veterans Day holiday on Nov. 11 and as a way to help connect veterans from the ARC community.

Water bottles, chips, and sugar cookies were provided for the veterans during the game, and music was played through a single speaker throughout the match.

The game was organized by the Veteran’s Resource Center, an organization that seeks to aid veterans with educational and related needs.

The Veteran’s Resource Center also serves as intermediaries between students and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

The Veteran’s Resource Center holds events like this throughout the month of November each year both as a way to commemorate Veteran’s Day and to help veterans get connected with each other and become aware of the larger veteran community at ARC.

Another kickball game was held in November of last year by the Veteran’s Resource Center.

“By playing in the game like today, it brings together veterans to have a blast,” said Daniel Avegalia, a former marine who now works in the resource center. “If a veteran is new on campus, they can meet other veterans by coming out and playing. So that’s what it’s about, bringing together that camaraderie that they miss when they’re in the military.”

Carlisha Washington, a sociology major and the veteran’s club treasurer says she enjoys events like this because it is a way for military veterans to establish connections with each other.

“Events like this are super important because its a way for veterans to get out and connect with each other, have camaraderie, learn about what we’re doing here, what we’re trying to bring about in the ARC community … so I think this was a good interactive activity to bring all that together,” she said.

In addition to kickball game, the Veteran’s Resource center has held other events for veterans on campus, including hosting a panel discussion about the transition from military to civilian life, and the difficulties associated with this transition on Nov.6.

The Veteran’s Resource center also set up one-hundred American flags in the Student Center Pavillion to represent active duty,national guard, and non-active duty soldiers in honor of Veteran’s day.

They displayed placards that showed the total number of casualties for world wars one and two, and the Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korean, and Persian Gulf wars.